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Human Resource Services

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Human Resources Support

There are countless benefits for your organization when it adopts a flexible HR software system. Human resource services play a key role in our human management capital (HCM) platform. Human resource compliance makes your organization stronger and engages your employees to achieve personal growth, but too often it becomes a way to protect yourself from legal trouble. Did you know that 63% of small business owners have never conducted a voluntary HR audit? Or that 64% of HR managers lack the appropriate human resource management software tools to handle issues?

Here are some facts we know you, as employers, don’t want to hear:
| Employment lawsuits are up 400% in the last 20 years
| The average award is $490,000
| Fines can range from $110 all the way up to $16,000

But what if you had a consistently updated, data HR software solution that’s easily accessible on any internet-connected device? Imagine human resource services that could not only take care of the scary stuff but also help you deliver a strategy for a better work culture? Yeah, we’d pick both options, too.

HR Product Features

HR Overview

  • HR compliance for All 50 states
  • Certified HR Advisors With an Average of 16+ Years of Experience
  • Trusted HR Answers
  • Dedicated Website With Secure Login
  • HRPro Mobile App
  • Monthly HR Newsletter

HR Features

  • Policy Library & Law Alerts
  • Job Descriptions
  • HR Forms, Documents and Templates
  • Employee Handbook Tools
  • Resources Covering Common Employer Laws (ACA, FLSA, FMLA)
  • HR Trainings
  • HR Fitness Test to Assess HR Compliance Gaps
  • Ask the Advisor Q & A Library
  • Guides on Popular HR Topics

HR Advisory Topics

  • Federal and State Laws
  • New Hires
  • Compensation
  • Diversity/Inclusion
  • Employee Crisis Management
  • Retention and Turnover
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Risk Management
  • Organizational Charts
  • Termination
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Interviewing
  • Employee Relations
  • HR Best Practices
  • I9 Compliance
  • Employee Surveys
  • Unemployment
  • Company Culture

HR Products Add-Ons

  • Unlimited Live Advice from our Rapid Response Team
  • Question and Answer History
  • HR Concierge Live Chat
  • Custom Multi-State Employee Handbooks With Consultation
  • Custom Job Descriptions
  • Quarterly Harassment Prevention Trainings
  • Dedicated HR Advisor
  • In-depth HR Audit
  • Customized HR Action Plan
  • Proactive HR Consultations
  • Key Compliance Deliverables
  • Long-term HR Strategy Plan

Imagine HR Done This Way

HR at a Glance

HR Dashboard

Do you know how the FLSA, DOL, and OSHA laws work? We’re ready to proactively let you know how they’ll affect your business, in real time all from within our flexible HR compliance software.

Employee Job Descriptions

Everyone thinks their employees should know what is expected of them – but how do you run an accurate performance review without a job description?

Policy Library/Employee Handbook Tools

When a problem arises that hasn’t been written into the employee handbook, the burden is on you. We’ll help you document your policies.

Dedicated HR Pro

Nothing compares to having one person whose job is to advise and guide you on every HR issue you can think of – and the ones you can’t.

HR Forms, Checklists, and Documents

Sure, we have your Form I-9s and Form W-4s, but we also have the expertise to execute your hiring process from start to finish.

Client Spotlight

Get Industry Specific

HR managers spend up to 25 hours a month searching for answers to frequently asked questions. We know you have better things to do. That's why we put them all in one place. With the HR Support Center, you'll quickly discover how much time you can save.

Home Care

Protect your agency's reputation. Our software and dedicated HR team will support you, whether it's writing a job description for a caregiver, helping you craft handbook policies, or advising you during an audit. We keep you informed of changes that might affect your agency.

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Skilled Nursing

Protect your facility's reputation. Our flexible software and dedicated HR advisory team will support you in areas of employee turnover, compliance, and employee relations which will ultimately help improve quality ratings at your skilled nursing facility.

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Protect your company. Don't go at it alone when it comes to your HR department. Internet searches don't always produce the best HR documents. Our dedicated HR team will ensure you have the right tools to stay compliant while tackling more strategic HR projects.

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Smile: you can have your administrative HR and your strategic HR, too.

Real-Time Resources

We cover the latest trends in HR and provide resources to help strengthen your HR department. Check out topics from compliance to employee engagement in our blogs, whitepapers, ebooks and infographics.

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Viventium is a perfect blend of a great product and great service.  The software itself is extremely user-friendly, especially compared to other solutions we’ve tried, and the client service really stands out.

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