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Viventium Time

01-02-2019 11:00 am

Learn more about Viventium Time with this complimentary webinar, running every Wednesday from 11:00-11:30am EST.


Viventium Talent

01-03-2019 11:30 am

Learn more about Viventium Talent with this complimentary webinar, running every Thursday at 11:30am EST.



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Fundamentals of the Form I-9

01-16-2018 3:00 pm

An I-9 audit can be an intimidating event, and if you haven’t properly completed or maintained your I-9s, it can also be a costly one.  In this webinar, we’ll cover pertinent filing and retention requirements for the I-9.  We’ll review the various sections of the form in-depth and discuss the acceptable documents for completion of […]


Effective Coaching: Engaging Your Employees

12-12-2017 1:00 pm

We all want to enable our employees to reach their highest potential. In this webinar, we’ll discuss coaching in the workplace with a special focus on ways to encourage employee development and growth using a coaching management style. We’ll also explore the ways to give employees room to overcome problems and discover their own solutions. […]


Hire Right the First Time

11-14-2017 1:00 pm

Building the right team isn’t easy. From attracting the best talent to the interview and beyond, the hiring process is full of pitfalls. We’ll discuss best practices and tips so you can make the right hiring decisions. Discover effective ideas to identify and hire the best people for your organization, and be an employer of […]


New Manager Survival Guide

10-17-2017 1:00 pm

Being a new manager often comes with a steep learning curve, especially when you’ve moved from peer to boss. From performance evaluations to effective check-ins and employee recognition — there’s a lot to learn! Join us as we provide a crash course on new manager best practices and how to avoid common pitfalls.


Quick Hits: Marijuana and the Workplace

09-12-2017 1:00 pm

With recreational and medical marijuana use now legal in multiple states, employers are often left wondering what restrictions they can, and want, to have in the workplace. Changes in political and social attitudes complicate the issue as well. We’ll talk through the legal landscape for both recreational and medicinal use, including potential ADA issues.


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