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Senior Care and Skilled Nursing

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Flexible Payroll And HR Software


Automatically pay prior weeks due to late timesheets and determine if overtime is necessary.


Properly blend multiple pay rates per FLSA guidelines.


Easily record PBJ data together with payroll and generate the necessary files for easy upload to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


Find employees and paychecks across multiple facilities without having to search within each software tab.


With facilities in multiple states, selecting the correct tax profile for your employees can be challenging. Offload the mundane task of looking up the correct taxes for each employee. Geo tax automatically sets up the employee's tax profile based on where they work and live.


Track and pay shift differentials either as separate pay codes or automatically combine with the regular pay codes.


Effortlessly work with files for new hire or payroll imports.


Have Viventium handle the PTO calculations by dynamically assigning rules based on departments, positions, shifts, length of service, and more.


Allow employees to view information like charge dates, patient information, location, and rate upfront. Audit unpaid hours easily.


Easily run reports, create charts, and build graphs across all facilities with our Business Intelligence tool. Review overtime by department across each facility and instantly get details, like which facility incurred the most overtime. Rest assured, our built-in security only allows facility managers to access information from their facilities.

Expert Guidance So You Can Be Sure

“As the skilled nursing industry continues to expand, so do its complex regulations, reporting requirements, and quality control measures. My focus at Viventium is to simplify compliance for skilled nursing facilities so they can increase efficiency and provide quality care while meeting their compliance obligations.” - Malka Trump, CPA, CPP, Director of Compliance

“The skilled nursing industry is differentiated by tight regulation and oversight, together with unique ACA requirements like payroll-based journal reporting. When I entered the HCM world over 29 years ago, I was already very connected to nursing facilities through two elderly relatives who spent the last years of their lives as residents. Therefore, easing the burden of skilled nursing facilities in meeting their payroll/HR compliance obligations so they can provide quality care gives me great personal satisfaction.” - Yonina Shineweather, CPA, Consulting Director of Compliance Services

Dedicated Health Support Team

You’ll receive high-quality client service from your Health Support Team. Together, they’ve supported nearly 1,000 health services clients like yours through unique industry challenges. Whether you need audit assistance, or help with system navigation or custom reports, our team is available to help. They’ve even assisted clients with local regulations, like wage parity in New York.

Dedicated HR Resources

We have the tools and people to support your HR team with everything from employee handbooks to employee relations issues. Your employees are your greatest company asset and your biggest source of liability. With the right HR practices in place, you’ll be able to mitigate risk and maximize potential.

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Audits are no joke. This can be especially frustrating in an industry like skilled nursing, where you are dealing with complex laws and regulations and complicated pay rates.

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Our Skilled Nursing Facilities Trust Us

It’s not just the 30 years of payroll industry experience or the fact that we pay 235,000 health services employees, but maybe it’s the over 90%+ client retention rate that allows skilled nursing agencies to have confidence and reassurance that their payroll is done right.

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