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Payroll Software

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Payroll Processing Software

Let’s face the facts – your business needs flexible payroll processing software. But why would you settle for a solution that is generic, mundane, and outdated?

Viventium software is compatible with both Windows and Mac. So that means you can access your online payroll services and important information from anywhere at any time. Don’t worry about new versions or updates to the online payroll software as they happen in real-time without you skipping a beat. Your homepage is your entry point to every other Viventium service, including applicant tracking, onboarding, human resources, ACA, time and attendance, and business intelligence. One login and voila – you have access to full human capital management (HCM).

Find our Viventium mobile application in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Your employees can have access to pay history and paid time off balances. They can make changes to their contact information, direct deposit accounts, and request paid time off without having to send your payroll department a request. Post information in our company documents section. Managers will not only have access to their own employee information but can also view their team information and approve or decline PTO requests. Notice a trend? We do too. Less administrative burdens and more time to focus on the business!

Payroll Product Features

Software Overview:

  • Employee Self Service (ESS) with PTO requests, paystubs & Form W2s, editable demographic information complete with detailed audit trail and approval workflows
  • Manager Self Service (MSS) with PTO approval workflow, team member contact info and more
  • Web-based for Mac/Windows and all popular browsers
  • Android & iOS mobile apps for employees and managers
  • Create, calculate and print quick checks from your office
  • Unlimited secure payroll email packages
  • Data accessible via API
  • General ledger integrations

Software Navigation:

  • Create your own import templates and use them to mass update employee and payroll data
  • Work on multiple payrolls at the same time and have a live preview of payroll within seconds
  • Unlimited users & security roles including department-level security
  • Easy to use customizable grid entry mode for entering payroll
  • Search for employees and paychecks across all companies with Global Search
  • View detailed pay history including days worked (service dates)
  • Reprint custom date range and pay history
  • Reprint paystubs from pay history

Software Features:

  • 401(k) – 403(b) deductions with automated ER match
  • Unlimited earnings and deductions codes
  • True effective dated rate management
  • Unlimited rate codes
  • Automate your rates by setting rate rules based on departments, locations, contracts and more
  • Automated retroactive overtime calculations
  • Automated union expense calculations
  • Automated union dues calculations

Software Employee Features:

  • Ensure your employees are being taxed in the correct state and locals with Viventium Geo-Tax
  • Add profile pictures and notes to employee profiles
  • Upload and store files to employee profiles
  • Unlimited direct deposits per employee

Software Reporting Tools:

  • View data in graphs and charts with 15+ visualizations
  • Create your own reports via report writer
  • Easily access quarterly and year-end reports
  • Accountant reports portal

Employee Self Service (ESS)
Manager Self Service (MSS)

Employees and managers can access their information from any device at any time by downloading our app.
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Online Payroll Services at a Glance


You’ll be off to a great start when you step onboard our software. The Viventium dashboard is your one-touch access point for all the information you could want, from helpful software tips to lists of your employee’s birthdays to direct contact with your service representatives.


We know that every company likes to customize their setup differently. The Setup tab is one of your keys to the kingdom – manage your cost centers, benefit categories, users, and more all from one sleek screen.

Employee Profile

Why have limits? We have unlimited earning codes, unlimited deductions, and unlimited rate codes. Pay your employees with multiple tax profiles on a single check – since we have unlimited state and local tax profiles available for each employee. Our payroll software offers you up to five levels of labor allocations and the ability to email multiple reporting packages to different users, from your CEO to your CFO to your HR team. Don’t limit your business.

Payroll Processing Services

For over 25 years, payroll has been the backbone of our business, and it’s crucial to run yours. Viventium’s software makes it easier than ever to manage your payroll so you can get back to focusing on what’s important: your employees, your clients, and your business. Four steps. That’s all it takes to complete our simple payroll process and pay your employees. Start, edit, submit, and process – look, you’re done already.

Get Industry Specific

Home Care

Your payroll is complicated due to multiple rates, retroactive pay and overtime, and even complexities at the state and local levels. That’s why we have flexible software that addresses your unique pay calculations, and a high-quality dedicated Health Support Team to provide you with expert guidance.

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Skilled Nursing

Automate complex payroll calculations, pull XML formatted payroll-based journal (PBJ) files, track employees' skills and licensing, access graphs that show overtime by departments and positions, and even customize reports to help you analyze your workforce at each of your locations with our software.

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Other Industries

While we all have payroll and HR needs, some industries need a little extra attention. From union deductions and expenses in the skilled labor industry to tipped employees working in restaurants, we got you covered. We know a thing or two about how to make payroll processing a breeze!

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Payroll shouldn't take up your whole day. That's why our user experience is flexible.

Real-Time Resources

Gross to net calculations are important, but today there is so much more that you need to have a better payroll processing experience. These resources from Viventium will help you stay on top of payroll compliance news.

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Ever heard the old adage “variety is the spice of life”? Well, the New York State Department of Labor has its own take on it – wage and hour compliance is the spice of employment law. Paying employees right in New York means understanding the nuances of a varied assortment of laws and interpretations:


California 6th and 7th Day Overtime – Paying It Right

When might paying your home health aides in compliance with FLSA overtime requirements not be enough to protect you from penalties and damages in an overtime compliance audit? Answer: When your aides are working in California!


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Viventium is a perfect blend of a great product and great service.  The software itself is extremely user-friendly, especially compared to other solutions we’ve tried, and the client service really stands out.

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