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Home Care and Home Health

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Flexible Home Care Payroll Services and HR Software

Retroactive Pay & Overtime

Automatically pay prior weeks due to late timesheets and determine if overtime is necessary.

Custom Pay Stubs

Allow employees to see pertinent information like charge dates, patient information, location, and rate upfront. Audit unpaid hours easily.

Geo Tax Location

Federal, state, and applicable local taxes automatically populate the employee profile. Great for quick and easy onboarding.

Global Search

Find employees and paychecks without having to search within each software tab.

Overtime Premium & Blended Rates

Properly blend multiple pay rates per FLSA guidelines.

Charge Dates

Generic payroll companies only recognize “check date,” our payroll calculations can be driven off of the “date of service”.

Third-Party Imports

Effortlessly work with files for new hire or payroll imports.

Business Intelligence

Easily run reports, create charts, and build graphs with our Business Intelligence tool.

Expert Guidance So You Can Be Sure

“Managing the complex and ever-changing federal and state home health regulations is a huge burden on home health care agencies. Our goal is to help demystify home care compliance and provide you with the tools you need to effectively manage your workforce so you can provide quality patient care.” - Malka Trump, CPA, CPP, Director of Compliance

“The Home Care industry, with its heavy governmental regulation, specialized billing, non-centralized labor structure, and pay-by-service date, is rife with compliance pitfalls. My mission is to harness my 29 years in the HCM industry to guide Viventium’s HHA clients in delivering remarkable and compliant service to their staff and their consumers.” - Yonina Shineweather, CPA, Consulting Director of Compliance Services

Dedicated Health Support Team

You’ll receive high-quality client service from your Health Support Team. Together they’ve supported nearly 2,000 agencies like yours through unique industry challenges. Whether you need audit assistance, help with system navigation or with custom reports, our team is available to help. They’ve even assisted clients with local regulations like wage parity in New York.

Dedicated HR Resources

We have the tools and people to support your HR team with everything from employee handbooks to employee relations issues. Your caregivers are your greatest company asset and your biggest source of liability. With the right HR practices in place, you’ll be able to mitigate risk and maximize potential.

Featured Blog

Attracting the Right Caregivers and Providing the Right Tools to Keep Them

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Real-Time Resources

We cover the latest trends in HR, compliance, and payroll for home care agencies.

Compliance in 2022: How Agencies Can Have a Happy and Compliant New Year

The saying goes “new year, new you,” but when it comes to payroll and human resources, it is more like “new year, more compliance.” How well does your home health or home care agency adhere to state and federal compliance guidelines? Consider just two widely different challenges that Home Health Care News noted in its article about 2019 industry trends:

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Treat Your Caregivers Like They’re Still Candidates

3 Ways to Extend a Great Candidate Experience Through Onboarding Remember when you were a kid, and you got something new, like those trendy sneakers or the latest toy? You were giddy with that warm and fuzzy feeling and loved the joy that it brought – you felt good!

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Healthcare Innovation for Attracting the Right Caregivers

Viventium’s CMO Terra Vicario Sat Down with Apploi’s Vice President Pritma Chatha, DNP, MHA, RN, to Discuss Healthcare Innovation for Attracting the Right Caregivers The Bureau of Labor Statistics talks about a growth projected at nearly thirty-five percent for home health and personal care aides.

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Welcome to HCM for Home Care: A Syllabus for Agency Owners and Administrators

When you work in home care, home health, or hospice, there’s a lot you need to know how to do: running your agency, ensuring regulatory compliance, attracting, retaining, and managing caregivers, using the right tools, and – when you’re outsourcing or switching payroll providers – navigating the transition smoothly.


HCM + AMS Providers Are Better Together: Key Items to Consider When Integrating Your Agency’s Most Important Software Programs

Do you know what HCM is? How about AMS? Love ‘em or hate ‘em, abbreviations are everywhere, and if you’re still drawing a blank, here’s a little help: human capital management (HCM) software encompasses a range of payroll … Continue reading


An Overview of Viventium Learning Powered by Nevvon

Viventium Learning powered by Nevvon enables caregivers and employees to easily educate themselves at their pace and on their schedule and is designed to simplify and streamline your educational and training requirements in any state so you can focus on what matters most: running a successful business.


Our Home Care Agencies Trust Us

It’s not just the 30 years of payroll industry experience or the fact that we pay over 364,000 health services employees, but maybe it’s the 93% client retention rate that allows home care agencies to have confidence and reassurance that their payroll is done right.

Our Partnerships

We’ve done the research. We partner with the following companies to bring you the best in HCM.

Thank You Health Care Heroes

Thank you cards to our heroes in health care from Viventium.

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Viventium celebrates Nurses week with a tribute video.

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Health care workers are on the front lines battling COVID-19.

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