Health Services

We have over 25 years of experience in the payroll industry and onboarded our first health services client in 2005. Today, we pay over 215,000 employees in the home health care and skilled nursing industries. Why so many? Two reasons: we stay on top of specific payroll requirements that affect your business and we address your needs as a result with our payroll software solution. What you’re left with is a compliant payroll and HR offering that saves you time and money! Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to industry specific efficiency!

Home Health Care

Your payroll is complicated due to multiple rates, retroactive pay and overtime, and even complexities at the state and local levels. That’s why we have configurable software that addresses your unique pay calculations, and a high-quality dedicated Health Support Team to provide you with a remarkable experience.

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Skilled Nursing

Automate complex payroll calculations, pull XML formatted payroll-based journal (PBJ) files, track employees skills and licensing, access graphs that show overtime by departments and positions, and even customize reports to help you analyze your workforce at each of your locations with our software.

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More industries

While we all have payroll and HR needs, some industries need a little extra attention. From union deductions and expenses in the skilled labor industry to tipped employees working in restaurants, we got you covered.We know a thing or two about how to make payroll processing a breeze! For a glimpse into how we address specific needs within your industry, click learn more below.

Real Estate

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Skilled Labor

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Viventium was instrumental in helping my company become ACA compliant this past year. After I listened to one of Viventium’s webinars on ACA compliance and reporting requirements, I realized we weren’t doing enough. Viventium’s beneficial and responsive service alleviated huge stress from my shoulders.


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