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Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence Software

Whether you need a report on employee turnover by job function or want to analyze payroll by department, our Business Intelligence tools are as easy as imagining the information you need and creating it via our drag and drop app, with over 15 visualization options. No matter what you get asked to present, our BI tools can help you provide insights on any aspect of your payroll and employee data. Want to take a quick glance? Use our dashboards for quick insights into your KPI's.

BI Software Features


  • Spot Trends such as Increased/Decreased Payroll Expenses from Graphs and Indicator Arrows that Compare your Data to Last Month or Last Year
  • Quick Insights into Retaining your Top Talent by Displaying the Number of Hires, Terminations, and Turnover Data by Month
  • Dynamic Drill-Down Capability Allowing you to Dig into your Data by the Department to the Individual Employee Without Running Multiple Reports

Custom Reporting

  • Ability to Create Custom Reports, Pivot Tables, and Graphs to Analyze Data and Make Better Business Decisions Quickly
  • Clients with Multiple FEINs can View their Data on a Cumulative Level or by Company
  • Exporting Data Capabilities into PDF or Excel

Business Intelligence at a Glance

COVID-19 Dashboard

Shows an overview of your FFCRA Tax Credits. The key performance indicators at the top show year-to-date information. The charts underneath show payroll by payroll trends.

Payroll Dashboard

Shows an overview of your payroll expense and trends. The key performance indicators at the top display month-to-month information, along with a prior month indicator.

Demographic Dashboard

Helps you gain insight into the diversity and tenure of your workforce. The key performance indicators at the top show month-to-date information, along with a prior month indicator.

Attrition Dashboard

Helps you understand how well you're retaining your talent. The key performance indicators at the top shows month-to-date information, along with a prior month indicator.

Client Spotlight

Get Industry Specific

Home Care

Given the amount of data in our software, agencies can access this data in ways to understand their business. You can create easy-to-digest visualizations to show broad trends or get as detailed as building custom reports for individual caregivers, which can outline every client they saw, what type of service was provided, and the overall impact every hour worked has on your bottom line.

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Skilled Nursing

Multi-facility nursing groups can instantly create cross-facility custom reports, which reduces the headaches associated with compiling data. Whether you’re a multi-facility or just a single facility, the ability to report on multiple levels of labor allocation (i.e. departments, locations, positions) and being able to drill down on your data by date of service makes understanding your business a breeze.

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Other Industries

Imagine if you could take a thought, generate insights with a reporting and analytics software tool, and then make decisions based upon those insights. Whether you’re a manager, an HR administrator, or an executive, BI software from Viventium lets you access the insights you need to make smart business decisions.

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Viventium is a perfect blend of a great product and great service.  The software itself is extremely user-friendly, especially compared to other solutions we’ve tried, and the client service really stands out.

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