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ACA Matters: February 2017 Edition


An Interview with Bassie Gutman and Rivka Leah Karmel of  Q: What are your roles in your company’s ACA process? A: Bassie: I’m the Director of Payroll, so I’m on top of the process, and Rivka Leah takes care of the actual hands-on work. Q: What industry is your company in? A: Health care/nursing homes. … Continue reading ACA Matters: February 2017 Edition


From the Wrestling Mat to the VP’s Office

Chad Crescibene

What you put in is what you get out Little did I realize that the concept of “hard work beats talent” would carry me far beyond my high school wrestling days into my professional career as a VP of Sales for a New York-based payroll & HR company…  some of you may know this as … Continue reading From the Wrestling Mat to the VP’s Office


The Other Trump

Malka Trump, CPA

When I give my name over the phone, I often preempt the inevitable response with, “Yes, as in Donald, but no relation.”  I have grown used to the questions, the heads turning when I’m called in the doctor’s office, the pause when I place an order at a restaurant. But will I be able to … Continue reading The Other Trump


Mercenaries and FOMO: The Problem with the War for Talent

Terra Vicario

If you’re in the business world, you’ve probably heard of the phrase, “the war for talent.”  As a quick refresher, for those of you who might not be on the front lines of recruiting, the war for talent is a term that was coined in the late 90s as a description of the landscape of … Continue reading Mercenaries and FOMO: The Problem with the War for Talent


In It With You: Snow Edition

Rachel Yancius

Let it be known that today, February 9, 2017, is my first snow day as a full-time employee AKA an adult. Or, you might say that I am now “adulting” full-time. It’s up to you. Previously, I have had many snow days where I identified as either a little kid or as a student. This … Continue reading In It With You: Snow Edition


When Human Capital Management Meets Inspiration: Art For The Masses

Terra Vicario

We walked into the kitchen and through the curtains into a sea of vibrant colors. Rupa began to give us a tour of her studio, as she turned the lights and music on. I was immediately impressed with the warm and welcoming vibe of her Bottle and Bottega studio. It’s the kind of place where … Continue reading When Human Capital Management Meets Inspiration: Art For The Masses


Pondering Inspiration.

Terra Vicario

I once read a book that said that the source of unhappiness comes from the distance or gap between who you are and who you know you could be.  Caving on your potential is what causes an uneasy feeling. So if everyone knew that fact, and agreed with it – would it mean that suddenly … Continue reading Pondering Inspiration.


Those Purple Shirts

Jeff Petescia

We’ve all done it. The eye-roll and the, “oh no, here they come…” You’re either at a rest stop on your way to somewhere that requires hours in the car, or you’re already at your destination, such as a public area or landmark in Washington D.C. Sure enough, here comes the hoard of matching colors. … Continue reading Those Purple Shirts


Out of Context

Terra Vicario

The first time you see your colleagues outside of work is always weird, I think.  It’s like when you were in elementary school and solidly believed that your teacher literally lived in the school until you ran into her at the grocery store with your mom.  In both scenarios, it’s a case of personal and … Continue reading Out of Context


An FLSA Birthday

Malka Trump, CPA

I was about to hit a new decade. I was on the brink of leaving a stage in life I would never be part of again.  Was I ready? While I endured the approach of December 1, 2016, I realized I wasn’t the only one dreading my birthday. Employers across the country were scrambling in … Continue reading An FLSA Birthday

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