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Federal Tax Withholding in 2021: Understanding the Changes


Even though Form W-4 changes were introduced in 2020, many of your employees may not encounter them until they update their W-4 for changes during 2021. Be prepared with the information you’ll need to answer their questions.

You’ll hear from Viventium’s veteran compliance experts, Yonina F. Shineweather, CPA, and Malka Trump, CPA, CPP, and will walk away understanding:

  • The 2021 Form W-4;
  • Which personal financial information your employees may choose to disclose and what you should do with it;
  • How you can help your employees complete the 2021 W-4;
  • The two different Federal tax calculation methods; and
  • How to handle nonresident aliens and “exempt” forms under the new rules.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Sample payroll check guidelines to help your employees understand the recent tax changes.



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