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Federal Tax Withholding Changes in 2020: How to Prepare

Yonina F. Shineweather, CPA and Malka Trump, CPA, CPP

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 changed the way every employer in America will compute Federal taxes starting in 2020. New information collection, employee outreach and education, system modifications, and compliance pitfalls are just a few of the challenges. Test your readiness in this hands-on, information packed webinar with veteran payroll expert, Yonina F. Shineweather, CPA and Malka Trump, CPA, CPP.

You’ll learn about:

  1. The new draft Form W-4
  2. Which personal financial information your employees may choose to disclose and what you should do with it
  3. The new withholding marital status
  4. The two different Federal tax calculation methods
  5. How to handle nonresident aliens and “exempt” forms under the new rules


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