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Where Have All the Workforce Experts Gone?


From talent acquisition to onboarding, your HCM software needs to empower your people to know your business in an easy, accessible way.  Through intuitive, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly HCM software, Viventium empowers your younger employees to focus on what’s important.  When the mundane details of the day-to-day are handled, your people can focus on the more … Continue reading Where Have All the Workforce Experts Gone?

Dare to Live Remarkably


Payroll, HR, Talent Acquisition – there is so much life in HCM.  From employee self-service experiences to technology that works seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices, your HCM software should empower your business. In this E-book, you’ll discover how Viventium provides an extraordinary HCM solution.


The Living History of the Workforce


A lot can change in 100 years — especially in the workforce. Our priorities as employees have shifted, from concerns about safe working conditions in factories to the ability to use mobile apps to access pay stubs. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that employees haven’t always had it as good as we do now. But … Continue reading The Living History of the Workforce



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