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The Ultimate Home Health Care Audit Survival Guide


Agencies face a complicated and confusing compliance landscape, and you’ve got to be ready should the Department of Labor, the Social Security Administration, or the Internal Revenue Service come knocking. This e-book explores how home health care agencies can replace stress with confidence to survive a potential audit. 


5 Ways to Tackle Turnover in Home Health Care


You work hard to attract and hire the right caregivers, losing workers is simply not an option. Learn more about why caregivers leave and what you can do to reduce turnover at your agency in 5 Ways to Tackle Turnover in Home Health Care.


Where’s the Rest of My Paycheck?


Do you wish someone would have explained your paycheck to you when you first got a job? We’ve done that, from gross to net, to help our newest generation get acquainted with the world of work in our white paper, “Where’s the rest of my paycheck?”


Home Health Care Agency Checkup


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN a payroll and HR company, a home care management solution, and a law firm get together to talk home health care? All-around coverage for your agency, that’s what. We discuss protecting your agency’s reputation, reducing time on administrative tasks, and how to keep employees happy on payday. Download and take a look … Continue reading Home Health Care Agency Checkup


HR Fairy Tales: The Complete Works


Once upon a time, a brave HCM company dared to revitalize classic fairy tales with an HR twist. Have you heard the tale of Little Red Nike Hoodie? The one where Little Red is influenced by a disengaged employee? Or the one about Jackie and the Beanstalk? You must’ve heard about the 3 Little HR … Continue reading HR Fairy Tales: The Complete Works


Viventium Voices: A Home Care Q&A


Rachel Yancius, Viventium Voices Co-Host, sits down with Yonina F. Shineweather, CPA, to discuss important year-end topics for Home Care Agencies. Questions? Comments? Suggestions?  Email the Viventium Voices team at – we’d love to hear from you! Viventium Software Inc. is a transformative, living, and purely cloud-based Human Capital Management solution for business management that provides … Continue reading Viventium Voices: A Home Care Q&A

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