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Avoiding Common Wage & Hour Pitfalls


Are you paying your non-exempt employees correctly? Learn the basics of the Fair Labor Standards Act (a few things might surprise you!) and what you need to know about time sheets, breaks, travel time, and more. We’ll walk through the dos and don’ts of hourly wages and show you how to steer clear of common … Continue reading Avoiding Common Wage & Hour Pitfalls



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Retention: How to Keep Top Talent

12-12-2018 12/12/18 1:00 pm

Are you worried about losing your star performers?  Keeping your best and brightest should be a high priority for any company.  This is especially true considering that replacing an employee can cost you 50-60% of their annual salary, not to mention the numerous indirect costs.  Join us as we discuss company culture, workforce engagement, and … Continue reading Retention: How to Keep Top Talent


Complex Wage and Hour Calculations: Piece Rates, Multiple Pay Rates, and Non-Discretionary Pay

11-13-2018 11/13/18 11:00 am

Calculating employee wages is complicated enough before you even start considering unique pay situations. Non-exempt employees usually earn an hourly wage, but did you know there are other methods of payment that may be appropriate depending on the job and situation? Join us as we walk quickly through the requirements of piece rate pay, multiple … Continue reading Complex Wage and Hour Calculations: Piece Rates, Multiple Pay Rates, and Non-Discretionary Pay


New Manager Survival Guide

10-17-2018 9/21/18 1:00 pm

Being a new manager often comes with a steep learning curve, especially when you’ve transitioned from peer to boss. From performance evaluations to effective check-ins and employee recognition – there’s a lot to learn! Join us as we provide insight on new manager best practices and advice on how to overcome common challenges.


Independent Contractors: Avoiding Misclassification

09-18-2018 8/23/18 2:00 pm

Do you currently assign work to independent contractors or plan to do so in the future? It’s a good idea to examine the reasons you have for classifying these workers as independent contractors instead of as employees. Join us for a look into the differences between these two classifications, as well as a review of … Continue reading Independent Contractors: Avoiding Misclassification


Why You Need an Employee Handbook

08-21-2018 8/21/18 2:00 pm

An employee handbook is a powerful tool to communicate your organization’s policies and culture. It can also serve as your first line of defense in an employment lawsuit or investigation. Join us as we discuss the most critical policies to have in your handbook and what makes them so important. If your organization doesn’t have … Continue reading Why You Need an Employee Handbook


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