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POSTS BY Jeff Petescia

3 HR Myths You Need to Bust for Your CEO
March 27, 2018

Have you ever noticed what a bad rap HR people get in film and TV? “The Bobs” are portrayed as dumb efficiency consultants whom everyone fears in Office Space, Toby Flenderson is Michael Scott’s verbal (and, yes, sometimes literal) punching bag in “The Office,” and Pam Poovey just makes everyone uncomfortable as an HR director … Continue reading 3 HR Myths You Need to Bust for Your CEO

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The (Unofficial) Viventium Guide to Millennial Empowerment
March 24, 2017

When’s the last time you heard or read something that truly resonated with you?  Sounds like a dumb question, given the sheer amount of opinions circulating on the internet.  But despite how many memes you might stumble upon that make you go, “omg that’s so me,” the phenomenon happens less frequently than you’d think.  So … Continue reading The (Unofficial) Viventium Guide to Millennial Empowerment

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Cover Letter from a Millennial: Talent and Potential
March 03, 2017

I am that recent college graduate with semi-messy hair who has worn a tie as many times as there are Harry Potter movies that exist. I am that chef whose famous (and only) cuisine is an egg sandwich with ketchup. I am that cartographer who is an expert at navigating any road to any part … Continue reading Cover Letter from a Millennial: Talent and Potential

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Those Purple Shirts
December 29, 2016

We’ve all done it. The eye-roll and the, “oh no, here they come…” You’re either at a rest stop on your way to somewhere that requires hours in the car, or you’re already at your destination, such as a public area or landmark in Washington D.C. Sure enough, here comes the hoard of matching colors. … Continue reading Those Purple Shirts

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Ghost of Commutes Present
November 16, 2016

Traffic. Again. It’s 8:16 am and I’m sitting at one of the many red lights along Route 206, staring at a stick figure family on the back windshield of the SUV in front of me and thinking about how great it would be to actually get coffee pumped into my system through an IV drip. … Continue reading Ghost of Commutes Present

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