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We are proud to serve Home Care Agencies and Skilled Nursing Facilities who are working tirelessly to care for our loved ones during this pandemic. We recognize their heroic efforts and are truly grateful for the work they do.

HR and Payroll Products

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Home Care and Home Health

Your payroll is complicated due to multiple rates, retroactive pay and overtime, and even complexities at the state and local levels. That’s why we have flexible software that addresses your unique pay calculations and a high-quality dedicated Health Support Team to provide you with expert guidance.

Senior Care and Skilled Nursing

Automate complex payroll calculations, pull XML formatted payroll-based journal (PBJ) files, track employees’ skills and licensing, access graphs that show overtime by departments and positions, and even customize reports to help you analyze your workforce at each of your locations with our software.

More Industries

Not a Home Care Agency or Skilled Nursing Facility? We service other industries too.

All Industries

Viventium is a perfect blend of a great product and great service.  The software itself is extremely user-friendly, especially compared to other solutions we’ve tried, and the client service really stands out.


I switched to Viventium from another major payroll provider after having an issue with them. Setup was fast, software is easy to use, client support is more personal and very responsive. Checks are delivered within hours after payroll submission. Thank you Viventium!


We’ve seen a huge change in our workers’ attitudes now that they’re using Viventium. They aren’t just happier, they’re a lot happier. Caregiving already comes with many hard and demanding aspects. Getting paid correctly and on time shouldn’t be one of them.


To know that the HR product that was being sold to me was not only real, but effective, was refreshing.  My HR specialist and I have already met via phone and I am looking forward to our monthly meetings. She has been prompt in answering questions that have arisen along with her providing me with up to date information on applications, hiring processes, etc.


The addition of Viventium’s Benefits Administration module to our product suite has been amazing.  We were able to cut almost all of the manual work out of our open enrollment process, giving our HR team much needed time back into their day.


Our Full Suite of Products

Viventium’s human capital management software will transform the way you do business every day, so you can get back to what matters: your business.

Recruiting and Applicant Tracking

When you need to hire new employees, you need access to job boards and social media sites. Then, you need a searchable resume database, an ability to prescreen candidates with video and audio, and an ability to schedule interviews with candidates. Take a look at our technology.

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Once you hire an employee, the fun begins – HR paperwork, setting expectations, and getting your employee into your payroll system. Skip the paper and go electronic.

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Employees work hard for their pay – so why leave payroll to chance? Our proprietary software is intuitive, customizable, and can handle everything from the simple to the most complex.

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Human Resources

Once you hire employees, you need HR. So, whether you have a SHRM-certified HR Director or not, you need access to updated HR forms documents, compliant job descriptions, handbook policies, and even a human being to actually talk to.

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Time and Attendance

Tracking time is so much more than a time clock. In order to effectively calculate payroll, you need your time and attendance software to fully integrate with your payroll software.

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Benefits Administration

Open enrollment is everybody’s favorite time of year, right? The time of year where everyone scrambles to communicate benefit plans, collect enrollment documents and cross their fingers that the elections are accurately portrayed in payroll. Well…it doesn’t need to be this stressful.

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Learning Management Systems

Every year, companies spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to ensure that the employees they hire, are skilled, trained, educated, and certified.

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Business Intelligence

A report is a report, right? Wrong. When you can create reports via drag-and-drop with over 15 visualization options that are created in real time, that’s reporting.

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Covid-19 Solutions

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has created the need for products that can help you track various credits and deferral savings.

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We Really are Different

We are much more than just a payroll software provider. We give you the right HCM software tools that will engage, excite, and empower you! Here is how we make the tough stuff easy so you can get back to growing your business.

Flexible Software

Our flexible design is cloud-based, Mac and PC compatible, and designed to make payroll a painless experience.

Expert Guidance

With a 93% client retention rate, our client service representatives are knowledgeable and here to support you.

The Power of Choice

We get it – you want your systems to talk to each other. What do we offer? Frictionless integration.

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